Compact Vibration Systems

With light weight, small volume, convenient to move, ET series standard vibration table is widely used in the acceleration sensor calibration; vibration test, fatigue test and mechanical impedance test of micro parts; at the same time, the ET series can also be used for teaching and scientific research and laboratory


  • Apply to the calibration of high precision vibration meter, mechanical impedance test, vibration analysis of the vibration source. 
  •  Apply to the vibration test of various small and lightweight parts such as sensor, electronic, electric machines and etc. l 
  • Apply to the basic test of vibration engineering of educational equipment.
Model ET55 ET30 ET10
Max. Sine Force kg.f (N) 55(550) 30(300) 10(100)
Frequency Range(Hz) 5~5000 5~6500 5~10000
Max. Acceleration(g) 30 35 35
Max. Velocity(m/s) 1.3 1.5 1.5
Max. Displacement 20 12 10
Max. Load 20 1 1
Amature Weight(kg) 1.8 0.45 0.3
Shaker Dimension(L*W*H) 380*330*445 200*265*200 184*95*188
Shaker Weight(kg) 97 16 15
Cooling Method Air Cooling
Power Amplifier Weight PA01BEF PAS801 PAS501
Power Supply AC220V±10%,60Hz