Shock Test System

Standard Mechenical Shock Test Machine

Products are inevitably affected by impact, bump, free fall, tumbling etc. during production, transportation, loading and unloading as well as during the use of the products. All of these are transient excitation on the object, causing the object to produce mechanical characteristics of high speed, acceleration, strain rate instantly. These kind of characteristics are completely different from that in static load, and may cause problems to the object in terms of structural strength and stability and sometimes the object may fail. Therefore, it’s necessary to study the effect of impact and reproduce the shock environment, to assess the structural strenghth and performance of the object under shock environment.

High Acceleration Shock Test System

Main applications: mobile phones, computer components, optical componets, connectors etc. Also used to test the shock absorbance ability of materials.

Incline Impact Test Machine

Inclined impact tester is simulated the impact strength of packaging in the real circumstance of     transportation, for example, the transportation of goods. This product is applied to the scientific research institutions, colleges, packaging technique test centers, packaging material manufacturers and foreign trade or transportation departments.