Drop Test Machine

Drop Test Machine

Packaging drop test is used to determine the effect of impact on the package during use, transportation, loading and unloading. Thestrictly designed LABTONE “1G+” ensures its accuracy. Apart from accurate plane fall test, it can also perform edge frop and corner drop test to make a complete evaluation on the performance of packaging and product.

Drop Tester for Portable Gadgets

DT2 drop tester seires provides drop impact test for smart phones, cell phones and other mobile gadgets. The specimen holding system can manipulate the dropping posture, and provide effective reproducibility for drop tests.

Drop Tester for Heavy Package

For large packaging with high mass, the vertical drop height during transport will be low and therefore they need drop test with relatively low drop height. Zero Height Drop Tester is mainly used for drop test of big package. It uses an E-shaped fork as a bracket that can move downward quickly and the specimen is placed in balance according to test requirement(surface, edge or corner drop test). During Testing, the bracket moves downwards quickly ahead of specimen with acceleration greater than 3G to ensure the separation of bracket and specimen and achieve free fall. The standard fall distance is ranged between 2.54cm-120cm.