Mechanical Vibration Test Systems

Mechanical Vibration Tester applies to electronic products, components, module, mechanical and electrical products, instruments and meters and other transportation vibration simulation test. It meets the standards of GB, UL, IEC vibration test and reliability test.


  • Apply centrifugal excitation to yield low mechanical noise
  • Adoptes 4-pointes synchronous reverse movement to yield platform.
  • Stepless amplitude adjustment to satisfy test requirements of different products
  • Windows standard control interface in Chinese and English, capable of printing reports, simple operation
  • Comes with damping airbag(caster); no need for special foundation.
Model RV3000 RV8000
Table Size(mm) 600*500 1000*800
Frequency Range(Hz) 5-100Hz 10-60Hz
Amplitude Range(mmp-p) 0~3 0~2.6
Acceleration Range(g) 0-11 0-11
Max. Payload(kg) 100 300
Control Interface (Compatible interface) IBM PC Serial port Rs232/USB port
Test Method Fixed frequency, Sweep frequency(linear/logarithm),Multi-stage random
Waveform Sine Wave
Vibration Direction Vertical
Power Supply AC 220V/50Hz
Size(mm) 750*550*690 1000*800*655
Weight(kg) 250 500


When a fault report received from customer (including telephone, message and email) LABTONE will respond within 4-8 hours (working time), provide solutions and eliminate fault within 12-24 hours. After the equipment guarantee period ended, supplier still has obligation to provide users with technical support and after-sales service.


  • Ttechnical consultation: test method, laboratory planning and suggestion.
  • Equipment selection:selection scheme,FAQ.
  • Product testing scheme.


  • Customer communication and progress report.
  • Guidance for pre-installation preparation, equipment commissioning and test run.
  • Calibration (when third party’s verification is required).

After sales

  • Technical training:operation of equipment,daily maintenance,common fault diagonsis and troubleshooting.
  • Scheduled on-site service:detection of problem as soon as possible in order to eliminate equipment and anthropogenic hazards.This is to ensure long term and stable equipment operation as well as delivery of latest technical information.
  • Technical support:special paid services are provided according to customer’s needs.

Select a suitable mechanical vibration test machine