Air Cooled Vibration Test System 50kg.f-1100kg.f

Labtone EV series of electrodynamic shaker vibration test System simulate the vibration environment under the laboratory condition, and test the impact strength as well as reliability of various vibration test applications.  

It simulate the vibration environment under the laboratory condition, and test the impact strength as well as reliability of various vibration test applications. In the laboratory, with the aid of vibration testing system, simulations of reproduction of sinusoidal, random, resonant search and dwell, classical shock and road models, etc. can be achieved. It is essential for product quality assurance, new product research and development.


Labtone EV series of electromagnetic vibration testing system is specially designed to meet the need for long time operation. Vertical and horizontal vibrations can be achieved by the installation of vibration resistant base. The standard platform is equipped with high efficiency airbag shock isolation device, so that the vibration transmitted to the building can be minimized. There is no need for additional foundation in most of the cases.

A complete set of vibration testing system is composed of shaker, power amplifier and vibration measuring control system, in accordance with the relevant national and international standards (such as: MIL-STD, DIN, ISO, ASTM, IEC, ISTA, GB, GJB, JIS, BS, etc.) to provide technical support for establishing product quality inspection.


  • Rugged suspension system and linear motion guiding, strong carrying capacity, good guiding functions, high stability
  • Load center airbag has high static stiffness and low dynamic stiffness, strong carrying capacity, perfect performance on amplitude variation
  • High efficiency D class power switching, 3-sigma peak current, provide finest power consumption and minimize harmonic distortion
  • Quick self-diagnosis with safety interlock, high safety reliability
  • Airbag shock isolation device for vibration platform without the need of additional foundation, perfect reproduction of vibrational wave and reduce vibration transmittance
  • Provide horizontal and vertical expansion platform for different application
  • Simple controller operation
Model EV1005 EV101 EV202 EV203 EV204 EV206 EV207 EV210 EV210B EV310
Amplifier Model PA501EF LPA102EF LPA202EF LA3K LA4K LA6K LA7K LA10K
Shaker Model A005S12 A01S12 A02S12 A03S15 A04S15 A06S20 A07S23 A11S24 A11S34 A11T24
Rated Sine Force(KN/Kgf) 0.55/55 1/100 2/200 3/300 4/400 6/600 7/700 11/1100
Rated Shock Force(KN/Kgf) 1/100 2/200 4/400 6/600 8/800 12/1200 14/1400 22/2200
Frequency Range(Hz) 5-6000(10K) 5-6000 5-4500 5-4500 5-4000 5-4000 5-4000 5-3000 5-3000 5-3000
Max. Acceleration Sine/Random(g) 30/30 65/60 80/60 100/60 85/60
Max. Velocity(m/s) 1.6 1.8 2.0
Max. Displacement P-P(mm) 20 25 40 51 76
Max. Payload(kg) 20 100 100 120 120 300 300 300 300 300
Armature Diameter(mm) 120 150 200 230 240 336 240
Resonance Frequency(Hz)(±5%) 5000 4700 3500 2900 2800 3000 3500 2500
Effective Moving Mass(kg) 1.7 1.5 2.5 3 4 6 7 11 13
Blower Built-in HB751 B751 B112 B402
Blower Power 200W 0.75kw 1.1kw 4kw
Blower Volume Flow Rate/Pressure 2.3/m3/min; 20kpa 11/m3/min; 2.11kpa 23/m3/min; 4.7kpa
System Power 1kVA 3kVA 4.6kVA 6kVA 17kVA 17kVA 18kVA 23kVA


When a fault report received from customer (including telephone, message and email) LABTONE will respond within 4-8 hours (working time), provide solutions and eliminate fault within 12-24 hours. After the equipment guarantee period ended, supplier still has obligation to provide users with technical support and after-sales service.


  • Ttechnical consultation: test method, laboratory planning and suggestion.
  • Equipment selection:selection scheme,FAQ.
  • Product testing scheme.


  • Customer communication and progress report.
  • Guidance for pre-installation preparation, equipment commissioning and test run.
  • Calibration (when third party’s verification is required).

After sales

  • Technical training:operation of equipment,daily maintenance,common fault diagonsis and troubleshooting.
  • Scheduled on-site service:detection of problem as soon as possible in order to eliminate equipment and anthropogenic hazards.This is to ensure long term and stable equipment operation as well as delivery of latest technical information.
  • Technical support:special paid services are provided according to customer’s needs.


What are the most frequently asked questions?

By means of a fixture, usually aluminium or magnesium for lightness coupled with rigidity. They can be cast, or smaller fixtures machined from solid stock. Most fixtures are welded.

If we’re looking for resonances in the product we’re testing, we command the shaker to shake the product at one frequency at a time but to vary that test frequency, to sweep it over a range of frequencies. But more realistically, we command the shaker to vibrate randomly and to excite all the resonances simultaneously. Control commands go into the keyboard of a specially programmed computer.

Have you ever noticed the steering wheel moving with rather a large displacement amplitude, larger than the input to the column? That magnification is called resonance. Possibly it annoys you. There’s a slight chance that in a few years that whipping of the steering column might cause bending fatigue failure. When we shake an automotive or ship or land vehicle instrument, we’re looking for, for example, portions of printed wiring boards (PWBs) responding with greater motion than we’re inputting. That flexing may damage PWB wiring, it may damage the attached components, and it will damage the soldered connections between components and the PWB.

Select a suitable vibration test system