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Purpose and necessity of vibration test – ISTA 6A vibration test

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The current world economic trend has moved from a regional economic model to a global economic trade. Whether it is a regional market or entering the global market, high-quality performance is very necessary. And vibration testing is an indispensable tool to help your products leap into the high quality ranks.
The product reaches the user’s hand, and vibrations of different states will occur during this process, resulting in different degrees of damage to the product. Any damage to the product is not what the manufacturer and the customer would like to see. However, the vibration generated during the transportation process is difficult to avoid. If the packaging cost is increased, it will bring serious and unnecessary waste, and vice versa. Packaging has caused high cost of products and lost product image and market. These are not what we would like to see.

The vibration test began to sprout about fifty years ago. When the theory was established, it did not help people believe its importance. Until the Second World War, many aircraft, ships, vehicles and equipment were accidentally discovered after use. The proportion of zero loss of the parts is quite high. According to the research results, most of the components are unable to withstand the long-term resonance generated by the structure, or the loaded articles are subjected to the transportation resonance, and the components are loose and cracked, and the mechanical parts are caused. Loss of zero even caused huge losses. When this result was announced, the vibration test received attention from all walks of life, and they invested a lot of money and manpower to study. Later, after the establishment of the modern theory of vibration measurement analysis and simulation analysis, the method and logic of vibration testing are also continuously improved. In particular, the current circulation of goods makes the vibration test more important.

However, the purpose of the vibration test is to perform a series of controllable vibration simulations in the test to test whether the product can withstand the test of transportation or vibration environment during the life cycle, and also determine the product design and function requirements. According to statistics, an increase of 3% in design levels will increase recycling by 20% and reduce unnecessary expenses by 18%. Vibration simulation has different methods such as resonance search, resonance dwell, cyclic scan, random vibration and stress screening according to different purposes, and the vibration effect meter has: 

1.The structural strength. 

2.The loosening of the combination. 

3.The wear of protective materials.

4.The damage of components. 

5.Poor contact with electronic components. 

6.The circuit is short-circuited and intermittently unstable. 

7.The standard value offset of each piece.

8.The bad parts screened out early. 

9.Find the resonance relationship between parts, structure, packaging and transportation process, and improve its resonance factor. The vibration test procedure must evaluate the test specifications, the authenticity of the fixture design, the functional inspection during the test, and the evaluation, review and recommendations of the final test piece.
The essence of the vibration test is to confirm the reliability of the product and screen the defective products before leaving the factory, and evaluate the failure analysis of the defective products in order to become a high-level, high-reliability product.

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