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Functions and requirements of vibration test system horizontal table

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Functions and requirements of horizontal table

Many products are subjected to vibration tests in three mutually perpendicular directions of x, y, and z. Small test pieces can be used to change the fixture installation state and use the fixture to flip to achieve three directions of vibration on the vertical vibration table. For large specimens, using the fixture flip method may cause excessive eccentric torque, and the vibration test of some special products (such as gyroscopes, etc.) requires that the installation state of the main shaft and the relative position of the earth remain unchanged, and it is not possible to change the fixture. In the installation state, the triaxial vibration test cannot be realized by the method of flipping the fixture. It is necessary to use a horizontal table to complete the vibration of the product in three directions, so the function of the horizontal table is:

A. As a load-bearing platform for vibration test, it supports the static load of large and medium-sized specimens

B. Transmit the movement of the vibration generator to the test piece in the horizontal direction (x, y)

To complete the above two functions, the performance requirements of the horizontal table which Labtone vibration test system all confirm are as follows:

1. Large load-bearing capacity and high-efficiency force transmission rate

2. The mass is lighter, but the first harmonic vibration frequency is very high

3. High ability to resist roll and pitch

4. Small waveform distortion of the table working surface

5. The uniformity of acceleration at each point on the working table is good

6, the horizontal movement of the work surface is small

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